March 17th, 2014Officework

I’ve just been checking business cards from and so this post might be “inspired” of that.

Pens. Papers. Crayons. Printers. Gadgets. Office and home needs. There’s just one name, we like to go to— Officework. It’s close to home so it is accessible.

Officework is open from 7AM to 9PM, Monday to Friday and 8AM/9AM to 6PM on Saturday/Sunday. Their price is competitive in the market and they have very helpful store attendants.

In my scale from 1 to 5, I give Officework a 4.5.

January 19th, 2014Just a quick one

It just occurred to me that I really should be writing more unpaid reviews of products/stuffs we’ve tried in Australia.
So as we speak, I’m doing the groundwork of taking photos of these things. Hopefully, I can share these in the coming days, so until then. See ya!

January 18th, 2014Dora The Explorer Guitar

 photo photo5_zps40cbad05.jpg First of all, I’d like to thank my friend L for giving my daughter a lovely gift last Christmas. I’m not sure he’d be able to read this, but he knows my daughter loves his gift to her.

The gift, by the way,  is a Dora The Explorer guitar. Since my daughter at 3 years old is still too young for a new mackie 402-vlz3 from guitar center, I think this guitar is very age appropriate. It’s also a perfect gift for girls who equally love Dora and music. My daughter’s just so thrilled to have received the Dora Guitar. It’s actually one of her favorite toys these days and she’s always ready to “rock the guitar!”

Also, I think this guitar is a great toy for her because it is colorful, lightweight and plays upbeat music. It’s surely makes one happy.

January 17th, 2014Selley’s Mold Killer

 photo photo6_zpsc16f3e5f.jpg
I’ve just have to write about this because I’m so thankful I’ve known this mold killer product.

I’ve actually tried other products that say can kill mold but none is equally effective as the Selley’s Rapid Mould Killer. I just spray it at the site and wait until few minutes and viola, the mold is gone. No need to brush the tile and grout. Sometimes, killing the molds is not as fast as the two-minute claim on the label but to me, it doesn’t matter much because it eliminates them eventually (and that’s what matters most to me).

So for mold-free environment, I use Selley’s. Also, there isn’t much fume or fragrance to worry about. In my experience, after I spray, I just leave the product on and after 10 minutes, the fume is almost gone.

A dollar higher is cost than other product but if it does its job effectively, I’m sure like me you will also not mind. So in a scale 1 to 5, this product would be a 5.

January 12th, 2014Longing For A Good Massage

When popped up on the page I was reading, I’m reminded that it’s been awhile since my last massage! I badly need a luxurious massage. The thing is, when my daughter is in the daycare, I am busy helping a friend pass his driving exam.

Also, there’s just so much to do at home. A missed laundry day means already a lot of work the next day. Chores, chores, chores. *sigh* But hopefully, I’ll be able to get my much-needed massage next month. For now, my son’s gentle massages would suffice. *smile*

January 9th, 2014White King Flushable Wipes

 photo photo7_zps050133f0.jpg

If there’s one product for bathroom that I don’t want to run out of, this would be it – the While King Power Clean Flushable Wipes.

This was at 50% off its suggested retail price recently and I just have to hoard it. This wipe makes cleaning the bathroom and toilet a breeze. Just wipe and go. And it’s flushable too so I can just put it in the toilet bowl without a worry.

I used to buy another good wipe for the bathroom but for some reason, my local grocery no longer has stock of the product. So finding the White King Flushable Wipes for the bathroom is awesome.

January 7th, 2014Definitely Following

I’ve discovered a lovely blog about cooking Paleo and Gluten-free recipes.

The site is:

I’m so happy as I’m also trying out GF diet for my kids. Actually, apart from finding out what rajun cajun means, I’m currently researching where I can source out Almond Flour (Almond Meal) as I haven’t seen one in our local Woolies shop.  When I am able to stock on this, I will surely bake, bake, bake the yummies found on the site.

January 3rd, 2014Lego Head Sorter and Storage

Ever tried stepping on a teeny bit of Lego piece? Awwwwww. I did for more than a couple of times! I gotta say it’s such a painful and annoying experience.

 photo LEGO-Storage-Head-Large_34865-l_zpse17fdb65.jpg
So when I saw the Lego Head Sorter and Storage, I told myself that I really have to buy one for my son. So when he plays with his Lego, he can easily pack away thus, avoiding annoying incidents such as stepping on one.

 photo photo2_zpsde195b35.jpg I was on Target one lovely day and lo and behold, the Lego Head is on sale! 50% off, baby! So now, packing away Lego pieces is easy as 1,2,3! Just open the head, and shoot the Lego in. Also, it can sort the Lego pieces, from small to large, by simply shaking it. A bit noisy ikr, but that’s the easiest.

December 31st, 2013Happy New Year !

Before I do my last stop online for 2013, which is to check the Pod hd, please allow me to greet everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

To those in the Philippines, have a safe NYE welcome.

To those in the Oz, enjoy the fireworks later.

To those in the other parts of the globe, have a wonderful celebration.

My family will be welcoming the New Year with some friends from back home. Our party has become a tradition already and hopefully we continue to celebrate together in more years to come.

December 20th, 2013Yearly Treat for the Hubster

Busy, busy times. What with Christmas being just five days away!

But before jumping in the “Christmas fray,” my family had a quiet and relaxing dinner at the Sydney Tower Buffet to celebrate my husband’s birthday.

Set atop the iconic Sydney Tower, dinner was a wonderful experience as the restaurant offers a lots of yummy dishes as well as revolving view of the city.

My son was so amazed of the revolving setup that he asked if we can dine there again.

To read more about this or book, please visit: