February 11th, 2011Love Sale by IndigoManila

One of my favorite online shops, the IndigoManila, is having a Love Sale. Yay!

I totally heart some of their product such as the  Yummymummy Cocoa Butter, their massage oils and the Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me Insect Repellent among other and so I’m making this plug.

Sale period is Feb 13 to 21, 2011 only. Please visit this  link for more info. Have fun shopping!

July 3rd, 2010Placing An Order

So early in the morning and I am reading about fat burner components. But as much as I want to finish everything, I could not read more of these at the moment since I’m bringing my son to school. At the moment I am also trying to place an order at the Indogomanila site because most of our Indigo products, such as the Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me, YummyMummy Cocoa Butter, Spellbath Salt  are almost depleted. SO gotta be back later to do some reading…

June 1st, 2010Scrub Me Yummy


Because a mother deserves all the best in the world, here’s a yummy treat for all mommies out there: the Scrub Me Yummy, an edible peppermint body scrub.

If I have to describe this product in one word, it would be: delicious.

Indeed, it smells heavenly delicious and because it is sugar-based, it absolutely tastes delicious!

The ingredients are as follows: Sweet Almond Oil, sugar and peppermint essential oils. Apart from the fact that it’s  made with 100% natural ingredients,  what I like most about this scrub is that I no longer need to apply some lotion after scrubbing and rinsing off the scrub off my skin.

Rating: It went past the scale! Woohoo ! :-)

May 19th, 2010This Salt Is A Skinsaver

I have already posted a review of sort about Indigomanila’s Spellbath Salt, but I wanted to share something that I –or my son to be exact– have recently experienced with it.

As I’ve mentioned before, my son is asthmatic and allergic. Every now and then, he has bouts of skin allergies, mostly occuring on the neck and upper chest area. Few days ago, he has started to scratch that particular area again.  And because I don’t want to resort to an allergy medicine just yet, and since I’ve read once that a mother used it on his son’s skin allergies, I tried to manage my son’s itch with the Spellbath Salt.

And I saw for myself that it’s true indeed.  After a couple of days of letting my son get into the “salty” bath, his skin has somehow improved. After three days, the tiny bumps are all gone –thanks to Spellbath. 

April 21st, 2010Anywhere We Go

Photobucket This shot was taken in our hotel room during one of our latest family excursions (just in a nearby beach resort).

I got to bring it because I like to use it at night when I want to relax some muscles. The Indigobaby Jar of Love is actually a constant companion, it a permanent resident in my bag. I bring it to the office, to the beach… anywhere!

And do you know that I so love its gentle minty scent that I have developed this crazy habit of massaging it on my temples at night just to have a whiff of it? =) It’s actually soothing to me.


While looking at outdoor décor , I remembered to thank Indigomanila for this little outdoor buddy we trust to care for my son (and us, as well), the Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me insect repellent.

I’m really, really glad that I found this product (and more products from Indigobaby) after trying out the Chicco No Zanza Gel, which is a torture to my olfactory gland. The Shoo Fly smells a bit like The Chicco No Zanza Gel, only that it’s much much milder and that its scent thankfully wears off easily.

Made from Aloe Vera gel, Witch Hazel, Grapeseed Oil, distilled water, and essential oils of Lavender, Rose, Geranium, Citronella and Eucalyptus, the Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me insect repellent is highly effective since I noticed that there really are no insect bites on my son’s skin when I apply this on him, even after a day of exposure. Like other Indigobaby products, it is also gentle on skin and it is very safe as it is 100% natural.

My Rate:4.3

 Hands down, the Slumber Spell Bath Salt is one of my favorite Indigobaby products. It is made with Deadsea salt, Epsom Salt and Lavender pure  essential oil.

Maybe because of the Lavender oil, I must say that it has a calming scent to it. Actually, the bath salts smell like the rooms in the spa that I frequently visit (when not pregnant, of course!). So this one is really perfect for evening baths when all you wanted to do is relax and drift to peaceful sleep afterwards.Photobucket

Because it is 100% natural, it is safe to be used in baby’s bath. I am not sure with infants though but I use this on my 4-year old son’s bath. Actually, we share the 300-gram jar I bought. Yup, pregnant me feels safe to use it. Infact, I sometimes use it as a scrub, too (along with the Squeaky Clean Body Wash).

Before I scoot and read about wrinkle cream reviews, lemme rate this product. Again with scale 1 to 5, with the latterl being the highest, I’d rate it a 5. Actually I could rate it more than a 5 -even if that’s already the highest! I just simply love it.

March 25th, 2010More coming

Before I see what Blue Advantage is all about, lemme tell you this. Have I mentioned that I so love the Indigo products that I made another order a week after I received my initial sort-of-trial order?

Yeah I did.

And as expected, the package arrived the next day right after payment was sent.

The products that came are:

1 bottle Shoo FLy Don’t Bother Me

1 bottle Yummy Cocoa Butter

1 Scrub Me Yummy (Body Scrub)

So if you think I’m done with my Indigomanila reviews, you’ve got another thought coming. :-)

I’m not done yet so hang in there. Hehe.

March 14th, 2010Indigo: Jar of Love

If there’s a Jar of Hope, the Indigomanila line of natural products also has a Jar of Love.  A healing balm made of pure Peppermint essential oils, the Jar of Love, according to its label, is good for cough, colds, flu, fever, motion sickness and body aches. It can also be used as massaging balm.

Yup, I have tried it during cough and colds episodes (of Matt and me)  and I can very well say it is effective in helping alleviate the symptoms of flu.  It certainly helps relieve clogged nose. And because of its cool minty scent, I find it  soothing and relaxing. I will also admit now that I’ve tried using it like an eye cream to feel the wonders of peppermint. Oh I’m not really sure I can use it like a wrinkle eye cream since it contains Vitamin E but it still feels okay to me. It’s not as soothing and cooling as the Jar of Hope though but I think I can use it as a wake-upper. :-)  

Cold rub? If I ever need a loving rub, or a cold rub, there’s only one for me (or my son or my husband)  now- it’s the Jar of Love.  I actually bring it almost everywhere I go, including the office or the beach. And like the Jar of Hope or any Indogomanila products I have tried, it is 100% natural so I don’t really need to worry.

Ingredients: Peppermint pure essential oils, Apricot kernel, Jojoba oil, pure beeswax, triple distilled water, Vitamin E

My rating: 5 (like the Jar of Hope). 

March 9th, 2010Indigo: Jar of Hope


Don’t be deceived into thinking that this product is only for babies, because the Jar of Hope is certainly not.

According to label, this product can be applied on insect bites, inflammation, rashes, cuts, wounds, chicken pox, diaper rash, baby acne (and for me, adult acne too!) and sore nipples. It may also be used to help relieve burnout, stress, motion sickness. Then, I have read of mothers using this gel, as it is 100% natural, to soothe the gums of their teething babies.

Apart from that, I have read testimonials about adults who, like me, put it on their zits. True, it doesn’t magically let those pimples disappear in record time but it does help in relieving their redness. In my case, I noticed that they help my pimples get dry. And right now, with me pregnant, this is the only skin treatment product that I use on myself as I trust that this is an all-natural gel.

For my tot, I use it on his bruises, scrapes and insect bites a lot. In fact, if there’s one Indigo product that I most use on him, this is it. My son, who doesn’t like smelling mentholated creams and gels, has no problem “accepting this product” and he likes it so much he applies this on his skin himself, even demands to at times (even if there’s no need to). I reckon that it must be because the gel has cooling ffect on the skin that he loves (as advised I store it in the fridge to maintain its freshness). Oh well, Aloe Vera certainly cools and soothes the skin.

Among the IndigoManila products that I’ve tried, this one smells differently. It doesn’t have any lavender scent to it (and you’ll know why in latter part of this post, the ingredients) but has a yummy smells faint apple scent that I instantly love.

Ingredients: Blue Chamomile Essential oil, aloe vera gel, witch hazel extract, triple distilled water, vitamin E

Lastly, because of its all-around purpose and use and its healing properties, I give it my highest rate -a 5!